Ascending Light Wellness - Relax. Renew. Recharge. Awaken.

Relax. Renew. Recharge. Awaken.

Meet Kat, the EnergyVoyant Nurse™️, a remarkable practitioner at Ascending Light Wellness, LLC. Kat’s journey is a testament to her unique gifts and profound dedication to healing and spiritual growth. From a young age, she possessed the extraordinary ability to see and interact with spirits and energy fields, a gift she initially thought was universal. As she matured, she realized her abilities were special, leading her on a path to unlock their full potential.

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Kat Rancourt, RN

Labor & Delivery Coaching

Spritual Healing Session

Swedish Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Reiki Energy Session

Psychic Reading

Mediumship Reading

Hybrid Reading

Quantum Crystal Therapy

Roman Hot Stone Massage

Hypno-Energy Healing

Hypnotherapy Session